Patagonia Upstream Research S.A (pursa) has been created to develop complete and innovative products for oil companies using the wide knowledgement of its members not only in this industry but specifically knowing the requirements and needs of the Upstream area, PURSA, hand in hand with a group of experts, decided to create products that allow to improve the production methods ensuring a reduction of costs, an increase of efficiency and to guarantee the security in the oilfields.


what we do

Research, design, engineering and manufacture of equipments for oil industries and other industries as well, PURSA offers solutions and develops new tools that are both innovative and complete using high technologies and the best practical applications and tests, this creations have allowed us to be approved by INTI and be the proud owners of the 1st place of Premio Tenaris al Desarrollo Tecnologico Argentino in 2013





Premio Tenaris al Desarrollo Tecn├│logico argentino

1┬║ place

our bussines

In pursa our main goal is to create cutting edge products made with the highest standars in quality and technology that provides solutions to inconvinients and requeriments on the upstream area with effective results, being also affordable, becoming a profitable in all divisions.

We are looking forward to become the leading provider of our products in latin america based on the trust and satisfaction of our clients regarding their requirements in oil drilling and production.