cwc® (Computerized WELL CONTROL)

CWC® it’s a hidroneumatic drilling system that allows total control of the process. It’s made of two main parts, Dædalus® and Icarus ®, the CWC® was created to reduce costs, space and guarantee the safetiness in pumping operations. Flexibility in operation processes using Dædalus® is evident in any drill that requires mechanic pump and especially in those that because of their stimulation system requires pump units that can offer a wide range of velocities.


CWC has two main parts, DÆDALUS® and ICARUS®.

  • DÆDALUS® is an unit design and built to lift the rod and to store potential pneumatic energy.

    It has three presentations, 120”, 240”, and 440” and a maximum capacity of 30.000lbs, higher loads are possibles by request and will be considered in every particular manner. In every case, the total height may be adjusted from 0 to the top available according to the model.
  • ICARUS® is the unit in charge of providing the hydraulic power, the pneumatic compensation and the control of the entire equipment.

    This one has the capacity to regulate the speed of the operation from 0 to 15gpm. This performance might be in a consistent speed and also in a consistent pulling force, depsite allowing different lifting and lowering speeds as well. All this parameters may be also modify while operating the unit


Pumping with DÆDALUS® reduces the structural loading of the equipment, helping to improve the life of the fitting on the bottom of the well because the rods are working in a consisten speed.
The posibility of working in very low cycles per minute allows a total filling of the pump and a lower dynamic load.


  • Optimus balance of the total rod weight
  • Capacity of string shooting up to 30.000lbs and even higher.
  • Wide range of speed
  • Independent control of the speed of both lifting and lowering
  • Wide range of adjustable length


  • Light weighted and ease of installation and transportation
  • Reduction on the cost of logistic
  • The unit is delivered armed
  • Simple and fast instalment using a crane
  • Posibility to choose the most adecuate size to each operation
  • The adjusment of the functioning parameters its set without stopping the equipment
  • Minimun maintenance
  • Elimination of the use of variable speed drives.
  • Consistent operation of the well, exploiting the performance to the top.


  • High energetic efficiency
  • Elimination of the risk of spilling because of its lack of stuffing box
  • No moving parts exposed.


DÆDALUS® may be used in any mechanic pump operated drill, without modifying the initial instalment


  • Reduce of the expenses in equipments use for artificial lifting
  • Wide and independent range of speed in both heights
  • Higher working life of the rods and down hole pumps
  • Reactivation of the wells
  • Irregular production